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  Xuzhou Everbright Ductile Iron Pipes Co., Ltd (DIP), a leading enterprise of China pipe industry, produces varieties of high quality centrifugal ductile cast iron pipes, according to ISO2531 and EN545, with a total output of 200,000 tons yearly.Based on advanced equipments and techniques as well as professional management system, the centrifugal ductile cast iron pipes and fittings produced by DIP have the performance of high intensity, elongation and anticorrosion.Our products mainly convey the potable water with pressure . After years of development, DIP has become the first choice for customers. DIP uses iron with low P and S and delivers molten iron directly to the production lines by the railway . The favorable climate strengthens the advantages of pipes' quality in this industry.
  Our products have been put into the market since 1995, and are popular with domestic and overseas hydraulic special ists and clients. We export to nearly 30 countries of Middle East, Southeast Asia, Europe and America as well as meet the needs of China.

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Tel:+86 1590 1970 100

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